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Budapest programs

It is not only beautiful but is a vibrant city with lots of programme opportunities. A wide variety of programs is offered through our site.

You can book and pay your programmes from the comfort of your home now and pick up your ticket in the centre of Budapest or you can just book them with us by e-mail and pay on the spot subject to the availability of tickets.

Folklore&culture Baths Tours Packages Top programs Budapest card
Folklore Romantic Package Jewish Heriage Grand Tour Danube Concert+D&C Lunch&cruise Card 24hours
Organ concert in Basilica Gellert Spa - Private bath Jewish Heritage Essential Tour Folklore performance+D&C Dinner&cruise Card 48 hours
Symphonic orchestra Szechenyi Bath Bus tours&excursions Organ concert+D&C Party on the Danube Card 72 hours
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Special programme: Air cruise over Budapest

Air cruise - Liberty bridge

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