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9 June, 2020 - No border control for certified residents of Hungary at the land borders of Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia,Slovenia. Travellers had better check with their consulates and domestic authorities (police) if special rules apply to them.

Wizzair, this cash rich company has resumed and is resuming flights and are also expanding to new destinations. 
They have two flights a day from Budapest to London (Luton Airport). Tickets?

Fox are now offering 35% off their rates in 4 regions of the USA. Details


     Arrive in Budapest by air, stay overnight at one of the nearest hotels and rent a car to make field trips

Budapest is becoming an important aerotropolis. Budapest Airport is named after Ferenc Liszt, the famous Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist.

While many businessmen choose to combine business and pleasure and staying in downtown hotels even for the week-end, for quite many an intercompany business meeting should start in the morning and end in the afternoon or early next morning. An airport with hotel and conference facilities, surrounded by logistic and business facilities is an ideal place for such meetings. Attendants arrive at the airport, take their hotel rooms, accomplish what they have come for and move on, saving time and money for their company and for themselves, too.


Hotel Stáció in Vecsés, 4,9 kms (7 minutes drive) from Terminal 2 Airport Hotel Vecsés (5 minutes by free minibus from Terminal 2)
Hotel Stáció Airport Hotel Vecsés

When you rent a car at Budapest Airport Terminal 2, you will have the freedom to cruise where you wish. A city car is the best way to explore the city of Budapest and other areas of Hungary and you can structure your car rental policy in a number of ways. Including insurance is a possibility and you will also be able to include additional drivers when you rent a car here too. Budapest Airport Terminal 2 provides you with a number of services including a currency exchange bureau as well as duty free stores.

The most convenient way is to book your car online and pick it up at the airport. 

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