Bags and luggage - conclusions from a trip

In a trip from Budapest to the States baggage logistics turned out to be a challenge. Firstly, one piece of luggage was allowed to ship with the plane for free. Another smaller bag was allowed to take with to the cabin and the camera bag, hanging on my shoulder, was approved, too. I could have bought something in the duty free shops in Amsterdam where I got transferred to the plane and could have ended up carrying 3 bags for the cabin plus the coat.

The planes were full, leaving little space for baggage. I already knew that It would have been better to think about baggage beforehand. What I needed was a bag, designed as everyday personal bags with specific photographic equipment storage zones to allow for all possibilities.

The person I traveled with had some bags, a coat and a jacket. With so many items to look after it is no surprise that it was not until she picked up big baggage in Seattle Airport that she realised that she had left her jacket in the plane, near her seat. The jacket was lost and I wonder whether because of having too many so small bags.

When people rarely go to another continent, they usually take a camera or videocamera with them. So did I and I share some of the most intersting shots on this site. As a kind of traveling photographer I know I will need portability as well as sturdiness and stability –and now I consider buying one of the photo bags and carrying systems, which provide ample room for cameras, accessories, and personal belongings, available with National Geographic.

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