Why I like to have a map with me

I am one of those persons endowed with the ability to know and remember whereabouts based on the four basic directions: North, South, East and West. When driving to a new address, I usually look it up on the Internet and remember the main geographical points. I keep ordinary maps in my car just in case my memory needs to be refreshed.

For a traveler, paper based maps are essential for they can be used also when the batteries of computers and other devices are exhausted.

A recent trip to the US proved that I should have bought a map of Seattle or at least I should have studied the map on the internet. Instead, driving a car rented with a navigator system, I made several circles around Military boulevard which at one point was closed. I listened to my traveling companion until I realized we had been making circles. So I decided to drive where I thought the car return facility was and arrived there in 10 minutes. The lack of map cost me about 20 minutes and contributed to my missing the plane.

Some more good things about maps

Maps are not only made to tell you where you are. They give you also ideas where to be. Sometimes it is good to have a map that shows your immediate neighbourhood like Europe Maps for Europeans. If you are international minded person, you probable like to have a World Map on your desk.

Every office looks better if it is decorated with a World wall map.