Cafe Garden, probably the best restaurant in town

in Port Angeles, WA, USA

In a recent business trip to Port Angeles I had been invited for dinner twice to the same restaurant but by different people. The place is also open for breakfast and this was one of the reasons to go there with our host as she for many years used to meet up there once a month for a chit-chat with someone who deceased recently and whose estate needed to be attended to. However, our host was there for dinner for the first time (certainly not for the last time).

The restaurant looked normal for a small town, very friendly, spacious and clean. Prices looked normal at first sight on the menu. As I was slowly getting used to being served big portions in America, as compared to several countries in Europe, I was careful enough to choose just one dish, seafood with grilled vegetables and dressing. The portion was big (so the price turned out to be a bargain price), the waitress was very kind, friendly and the glass of red wine was gorgeous. I should have remembered its name.

Three days later we suggested having a late lunch to our local attorney asking him to select the place. Without hesitation he suggested Cafe garden and we were not disappointed. We were remembered as regular guests and again had gorgeous food with a glass of superb wine. The real challenge that we were facing was knowing that in that evening we would have one more dinner also in Port Angeles, at another place selected by our local friends and we already knew what even a small portion meant.