Where can we go with the Rail Europe railway passes?

All over Europe! With Rail Europe you can visit 24 countries and reach amazing capitals as well as country retreats and historical sights. You can have Rail Passes so you can move freely within a country and also from one country to another.
For example, the most flexible Rail Pass is the Eurail Global Pass. This will give you unlimited travel over three months to all of the countries on this network. So you could start in London and visit Buckingham Palace and then take the Eurostar to Paris.
Because you have the Eurail Global Pass you could then take a Thalys train to Amsterdam and from there take the train to Germany and explore Berlin and Munich and the beautiful Black Forest. And it doesn’t stop there – you could travel by train to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, and Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Austria and more!

Tickets and Passes

The Eurail Passes are perfect for anyone who has permanent residency outside Europe, The Russian Federation and Turkey.
Apart from the Eurail Global Pass, there are lots of other options for your European train travel. You may be visiting family and friends in one city, such as Malmo, and want to spend a weekend in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. In this case it is probably best to buy a point to point ticket, but if you are making more journeys by train, a Rail Pass gives you flexibility and will save you money.
The Eurail Select Pass, gives you unlimited travel through three, four or five bordering countries, and you can use all the different national train operators without any hassle. This means you could travel from Croatia to Slovenia, to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in one incredible trip!
But you can also focus on one or two countries, so get the Eurail Italy Pass so you can travel all over Italy from Milan to Rome to Sorrento and Naples on Trenitalia or the Eurail France-Italy Pass so you can see both countries on one trip. It is really flexible with Rail Europe - Rail passes