Driving from Seattle Airport to Port Angeles (January 2014)

We rented a small Chevy from Fox. The car was neat, equipped with a GPS navigation unit. I got also a small map and saw the directions and even got an advice to drive thorugh Bremerton. However, I missed the turn and drove on.

Washington map

In spite of the mistakes I made about the directions, driving to the south as far as Olympia, the drive turned out to be very interesting.

The first stop along road 101 towards Port Angeles was made close to Shelton in order to get a bite and to quench my thirst.

I did not even know that Shelton is home to the famous Little Creek Casino Resort.


Unfortunately, we did not have time to stay and play in the casino even for fun. My traveling companion made two photos though.

After this short rest we drove on along 101 towards Port Angeles. It is a pity not to play in a real tribal land based casino but after all, playing live blackjack online is not bad at all.


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