How to miss boarding time

Being late for your plane can happen, for many reasons, such as traffic jam, arriving late at the airport, large queue at security check. These are normal reasons.

HAVING TOO MUCH TIME when coupled with absent-mindedness CAN BE A REASON, TOO.

Seattle, January 15, 2014

"I checked in at almost 3 hours before departure time. I took the time to finish my food (which is not allowed to take with), then calmly went up to security check. The queue was long, the process was slow but I did not realize how much time had passed. I even FORGOT to look at the boarding pass for the time. I was satisifed to note the gate (S2) and unaware of time I even stopped at a shop to buy some gifts (it was a return flight to Europe).

I need to tell you that Tacoma Airport is huge and you need to take trains at the main building to get to your gates. Trains go every 2 minutes and my gate's stop was 2 stops (some 5 minutes) away. Still within time, I got out of the train and headed towards the gate. I was some 20 meters from my gate (still on time) when I noticed the fantastic view of this hill. I took my camera and made a photo.

I also noticed the plane to Paris, standing at gate S2, which was my plane. So I took another shot and then went up to the gate which had just been closed! I learnt that for security reasons the gate - once closed - cannot be opened. So I missed my plane! What to do in such a case? I tell you what I did in another article (Re-booking)"